Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nobody said it would be this hard

So today, they've backed Mother's meds off and she's lucid (her first comment to me: "Get me out of this f'in place!"). Problem is, the meds were keeping the pain at bay. Today, the pain was bad.

It's really hard to watch somebody you love writhe in pain.


We had a visitor today.

When Mother went to work at Southwestern Bell, little did she know she would wind up with lifelong friends out of the deal.

Joy, Joydean, Marjorie, Jewel; friends all. I called them all "Aunt". These gals were something else. They all worked hard, played hard, and shopped hard. Wearing those tiny little spike heels, girdles, garters, nylons, hats, gloves, and those tight tube skirts, they covered Downtown Dallas, from Sanger Brothers on the south through A. Harris and Neiman-Marcus in the middle, to Titche-Goettinger on the north, they shopped with the power and speed of a Southeastern Conference running back (think Darren McFadden and Felix Jones on a mission).

They all went all over the place, and Joy, Joydean, Marjorie and Mother wound up in San Antonio. Marjorie returned to Florida, but Joy and Joydean are still here.

Aunt Joy came to see Mother today. It was great to see her; she's as full of life as ever (traded those spike heels and skirts for tennis shoes and a pink sweatsuit, but still with style).

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