Friday, June 17, 2011

Family, Mexican Food, the Hogs---and naming conventions….

Tonight was great fun as my little “family” got together again.  Jeremiah was in town for work; we managed to get Jimmy (who had just driven all the way HOME to Sienna Plantation) to drive back IN to Houston to meet us, Nathan picked me up, and we blasted off to eat…mexican food.

Mexican food is something we here in south Texas take for granted, like the sun coming up in the east or water being wet.  We forget that when you move away, you crave it.  Jeremiah and Ginger are enjoying the cool climes of Colorado, but what Coloradans think is “mexican food” I won’t even dignify with a description.

Jeremiah, having entertained his big  client with a day of fishing (and having burnt himself to a crisp in the 105 degree sunshine), was craving some good ol mexican food, so off to Los Cucos we went.

It was just awful…we had to eat it to keep from hurting the waiter’s feelings.  Yeah, yeah, that’s the ticket!  We had to eat it to keep from hurting their feelings, yeah!


(They held us down and forced beer, mojitos, and margaritas down us too…oh, the humanity!)

Let’s see, things we decided:

  • Bobby Petrino is a genius
  • Houston Nutt is an idiot
  • Note to Rotnei:  buh bye
  • Mike Anderson will restore Razorback basketball to its rightful place in the world
  • Alabama (University of) sucks
  • So does LSU
  • and we’re going to beat both of them this year (despite a somewhat suspect O-line)
  • Ohio State and its cheating coach and players can kiss our Razorback Red asses…(and that’s a lot o real estate)
  • Speaking of cheating, Auburn is going to get it yet over Cam “for sale to the highest bidder” Newton
  • Note to Mike Anderson:  just call it “40 Minutes of Hell”, mmm-kay?
  • Tyler Wilson will be fine; at least Tyler can see JJ on a crossing pattern 12 yards away and throw the ball TO him instead of trying to throw it THROUGH him like Mallett did….
  • Sure wish we had learned to “scoop and score”
  • Recruits, recruits, recruits (I don’t follow recruiting, I just enjoyed that conversation)
  • Bud Walton Arena (and Barnhill before it) used to be so loud your ears would ring after a game
  • and it will be that way again.
  • Long almost waited too long to pull the plug on Pelphrey; one more year of empty seats and Long would have joined him; he did a nice job on the hiring of Mike Anderson, though, so all is forgiven.

A great time was had by all; we all just enjoy each other’s company.  I’m very fortunate to have these great guys as my friends.  I hope I live long enough to watch Jimmy’s grandkids playing, and have Nathan and Jeremiah (middle aged) have to help me up the steps at Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium to watch us win a string of National Championships.


Jimmy, Jeremiah, Nick, Nathan

After we split up, Jimmy went back south.  Jeremiah’s hotel was directly between my and Nathan’s houses, so we had ridden together; thus, we headed home together.

For some time, Nathan and I have enjoyed a laugh about the naming conventions of the subdivisions and apartment complexes in Texas.  Jeremiah hadn’t thought of it before, and we got him started.  It was one of those things that, the more we played it, the funnier it got.

How do you play?  It’s easy!

First, use the article “The”.  You want to do that to give yourself extra airs and importance, so that people will say, “Wow, they must be really cool and important!”  You know, like saying you’re THE Ohio State University (snicker).

Then, take any name from Group A, insert the article “at”, and select one name each from Groups B and C.

Ready?   Here we go:


          A                                                B                                  C

Arbors at Brittany Chase
Lakes at Brentwood Place
Oaks at Greenway Hills
Fairways at Ashton Pointe
Parks at Tivoli Forest
Meadows at BelleMeade Shire
Villas at Shadowbriar Creek
Lofts at Briargrove Square
Willows at Waterford Green
Glen at Timberglen Springs

Which yields things like:

The Willows at Brentwood Pointe

The Lofts at Greenway Hills

The Fairways at Bellemead Chase

The Glen at Tivoli Place

The Oaks at Brittany Forest

The Meadows at Ashton Square

The Villas at Briargrove Creek

Now the fun part:  Mix –n- match!

The Brentwood at Willow Pointe

The Pointe at Brentwood Willows

The Chase at Bellemeade Fairways

The Bellmeade at Fairways Chase

The Forest at Brittany Oaks

The Brittany at Forest Oaks

The Pointe at Ashton Forest Villas

You can keep this up for hours.  The more you do it, the sillier it gets.  It’s especially fun as you’re driving around these great Texas cities.  It’s even more fun when the developer (ever trying to outdo the competition) strings a series of them together:  The Villas at Brittany Oaks Forest (in Briargrove Glen Place on the Parkway).

Then extrapolate the theory to other areas:

The Cheaters at Tressel Horseshoe

The Futility of Nutt (at Vaught-Hemingway)

The Purchase at the Plains of Auburn

The Arrogance at Black Warrior River

Now, you try it!


See how that all ties together?  …and you thought I couldn’t do it!