Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Texas Bowl 2014: Arkansas 31, Texas 7

Here are all my pictures from the Advocare v100 Texas Bowl, December 29, 2014 at nrg stadium, Houston, Texas.  It's always great to go to an Arkansas Razorbacks football game; it's always great to go to an Arkansas Razorbacks Bowl game, and it's ALWAYS great when Arkansas beats texass u (spit).  When you can do all those things in your own back yard, it's even better.

Many thanks to Marty Barnes Cornell, Nathan Seitz, and Pam Lipsey Seitz for making it possible for me to attend.  Marty got us great seats; Nathan drove while Pam navigated.  I had been sick all week with the flu, and it was my first time out of bed--but what a great time it was.  #texasbowl #gohogs #neveryield

I have the large versions of these if anybody wants one; just email me or comment below.

If you want to view them as a slideshow (recommended), click the first photo; it'll open large and you can click through.  (You'll miss my pithy captions, though... ;-)

Toughest schedule in College Football 2014

If you get 2 big foam fingers and put them together, they become very useful

Swing March:  Bigscreen

Swing March:  from my seat

Longhorn Band

He totally nailed it

The Hill!

Opening kickoff Hog Call

Nice catch

First series

nrg (a.k.a. Reliant) Stadium is a great place to watch a game

Not quite sure what this was about, but fun!

When it got far enough toward the south endzone, it was easier to watch on TV


Second series

This photo starts the sequence where Texas' endzone fumble was recovered by us for a TDAOM.  Nifty catch. 



I thought this was funny (though probably coincidental).  Whataburger and Coca-Cola were both sponsors.  Whataburger's colors are orange and white; Coke is red and white.  They put the Whataburger ad on the Texas side and the Coke ad on the Arkansas side.

This photo begins the next series leading to a TDAOM

Nice pass, nice catch!  TOUCHDOWN, ARKANSAS!  OH, MY!

I know the boom's in the way; nothing I could do about it.

Add caption

Iiiiiiitttt's halftime!

The Best in Sight and Sound

Longhorn band watches the Razorback band perform

All I could think of while watching her: Julia Sugarbaker:  "She didn't twirl just a baton, that baton was on fire. And when she threw that baton into the air, it flew higher, further, faster than any baton has ever flown before, hitting a transformer and showering the darkened arena with sparks! And when it finally did come down, Marjorie, my sister caught that baton, and 12,000 people jumped to their feet for sixteen and one-half minutes of uninterrupted thunderous ovation, as flames illuminated her tear-stained face! And that, Marjorie --- just so you will know --- and your children will someday know --- is the night the lights went out in Georgia!" Julia Sugarbaker: The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

The Traditional Go Gogs spellout!

What's that spell?  GO HOGS!

Marty, Nick, Nathan, and Pam say GO HOGS!

These fun people sat behind us.  I didn't get their name, just email address.  They're from Conway.

Razorback and Longhorn bands:  combined performance

And now I have a picture of the flags on the field at the Texas Bowl in Houston.  I have them at every SEC stadium except Mizzou, which I have yet to visit, plus all the bowl games I attended. 


2001!  (Sarchastically holds up 4 fingers while chanting, "Who's number 1?  We're number 1!"  Except, I think Bama is #1 right now....)

Hogs rule at nrg stadium

And I don't think the Horns like it much

In honor of our little Australian kicker, Sam Irwin-Hill, who boomed it all night

Start of next TDAOM series


Gotta love Victory formation



First game

Bert leads the celebration

Bert "derp"

He's a good looking kid--and Player of the Game

Hardware for the Broyles Complex

That's all, folks!