Tuesday, June 5, 2012


A couple of years ago, my lovely daughters (…) Lucy and Ethel decided to get out of the back yard (thanks, meter reader, for leaving the gate half-latched…) and go visiting in the neighborhood.  You can read that story here.

So this morning, I was late to work (now there’s an unusual concept).  They’ve got al the streets around us torn completely up (new storm drains!  No more Lake Westmere!).  It is necessary to snake around the neighborhood and make your way to one of the major arteries that is NOT Briar Forest or Kirkwood (both of which are likewise torn up).

So here I was, late, and sailing along the “other” part of my street—and there was somebody’s nice (big) dog, collared, wandering around looking lost.

I stopped, got out of the van, said, “Come here, boy!” and he bounded right over.  He was really glad to see a human.

About that time, a lady was out walking her baby; she stopped also and we held the dog while we looked at the tag.  It was a vaccination tag, and it had the number of the vet’s office.  Called the number on the smartphone.

Nice lady at the vet looked it up, and said, “Oh, my God!  The owner works here!  She’s out today, I’ll call her cell!”  She put me on hold and called, and the owner (bravely) gave me her address (couple of houses down).  Sure enough, gate wide open.  The other dog had stayed home.  We put Mr. Wanderer back in his yard and latched the gate securely.

So again, nice ladies in the Lexus who rescued my dogs back in 2010, as good old Larry Shank would have said, “Thank ya, Thank ya, Thank ya!”

Sometimes paybacks are NOT Hell!

Kharma is an interesting thing.