Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My first scan attempts

...leave a LOT to be desired. They are either very dark or you see a LOT of artifact (little flecks on the screen). I'm not sure if that's dust, or problems with the processing, or the fact that these things are over 50 years old. Anyway, here we go, fresh from 1959:

Grannie, dressed for church. Audie Virginia Brown Tarkington Forthmon. She was 63 years old here. She always wore tinted glasses, for a reason about which I will likely blog soon.

Dad and I on his Vespa (50 mpg @ $0.25 per gallon). He was 36, I was 2. He loved taking me on the scooter and I loved going on the scooter. No helmets, no seat belts, no kidding. I'd stand right in front of him and away we'd go (I actually remember this, aside from the pictures).

Mother and I on the scooter. She was 33. This has to be one of the ONLY times she EVER deigned to get on the scooter, she hated it.

Tired camper. If you look between me and Mother, you can see Tinkerbelle the dog. Tinker loved me, right up till I pulled her tail and her ears, etc. Thereafter she never liked me much.

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