Monday, November 24, 2008

Pass the coffee, please

Everything's ok as long as they keep making Community Coffee, dark roast, whole bean, and I have a burr grinder to grind it with, a fabulous brew machine to brew it in, and heavy cream and splenda (now) to make it just right. Makes getting up in the mornings worth it.

My first taste of Community was at Mardi Gras, 1987; I stayed with friends who hosted us in grand Louisiana tradition. (Jimmy, never a good driver, met us at the airport with a cocktail in a crystal highboy glass in his hand. He weaved us out of the airport and we were concerned about getting caught. "Aw, hell, this is N'Orluns", he slurred as he pulled into a drive-thru daquiri bar. I wondered aloud if they had Wild Turkey; the waitress heard me and asked, "Small or Large?" "Um, Large please!")

Naturally, we all stayed up all night in the quarter; got about 3 hours of sleep. Next morning, the Lady of the house served up a SEVEN COURSE BREAKFAST (she had "help"), and Community Dark Roast with sugar and cream in porcelain cups. One cup is all it took. I've been drinking it ever since. They don't have it in San Antonio, and I have to take my sister "care packages" from Houston.

This coffee should come with a warning: once you've had it, nothing else is good enough.

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