Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rant on conservatives

A "friend" got me thinking about political conservatives; this is my response to one of his eamils. I'd clean it up, but I'm lazy, and it pretty much expresses my views:

Some groups are totally unconcerned with Obama's racial characteristics whatsoever. They think he's a SOCIALIST (which is one step short of "COMMIE"). They think that before long, we'll all be wearing gray jumpsuits and working for the government, which will be the only entity left. Everybody will be a happy socialist worker, etc etc etc.

It's kind of amusing, really. These Uber-Conservatives (who worship at the feet of the mighty Limbaugh) think that ANY government is BAD BAD BAD. They are the ones who won't pay to drive on the Tollway. Their friends in Arkansas are the ones who refuse to vote for toll roads because the government shouldn't charge you for it because that's what your taxes are for, not all this welfare.

They are the exact same people who do not want government HELPING its citizens AT ALL. Now, I'm not happy with a total "welfare" state, but come on---

Hey, conservatives, here's what you do: go down and stand at the door of the emergency room at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston. Meet Jorge and Lupe Rodriguez (citizens of Mexico) at the door as they bring 5 year old Jaime, who is bleeding profusely from a head injury. Tell Jorge and Lupe (in ENGLISH, BY GOD, CAUSE THIS HERE'S 'MURIKUH!) that unless they can pay, they'll have to just see to Jaime's injury themselves. Go ahead, christian soldiers, go ahead and do it. I want to stand there and watch while you do.

They are the same people who don't want the EVIL GOVERNMENT espousing BIRTH CONTROL (because the government has no place in people's lives, unless it's gays trying to marry or adopt children, in which case the government has every right....), and especially handing out FREE birth control to "those damn welfare recipients", but who aren't exactly standing in line to adopt a child....

It makes me craxy.

They're not racist, but they are (truly) against every single social program. WIC. Food stamps. Aid to mothers with dependent children. Tuition assistance. They want to dismantle the entire social services program, including (really) Social Security and Medicare. They believe the government should do only and exactly the following things: provide military, provide a postal service, provide military, provide roads, provide military, provide border security, prevent gays from existing, provide military.

Well, you get the picture.


  1. Aw, c'mon Malvie. You make it sound as though all conservatives are extremists. I'm very much a conservative, but I don't subscribe to all of the things you accuse conservatives of. I don't accuse you of being an idiot just because you are a liberal.

    (Excuse the double negative, but) I am not in favor of no government and I pay my tolls without grumbling. Although I do admit to grumbling about tolls when they have narrowed the road to one lane and I get behind the slow truck! (That's especially true as I'm headed to Fayetteville and I'm going to be late to the game.)

    There are many degrees of conservatism, just as there are many degrees of liberalism. And yes, I do worry about some of Obama's "share the wealth" comments. I don't want to do away with all of the things that you mention. I don't think that we should withhold medical care from anyone, but I don't think we should give all benefits to everyone. -Marty

  2. Nick, Nick, Nick ......

    We definitely need to make up for lost time and have a good political discussion, don't we? I believe that the last time that I saw you was at the '03 Florida game at RRS with a Wesley Clark sticker attached to your Hog shirt. Talk about a short-lived campaign! I proudly still worship at the feet of Limbaugh and Hannity, but certainly respect you and your opinions (though, you are misguided).

    All kidding aside, I happened to find myself in Malvern, Arkansas yesterday for the very first time and certainly thought of you. Believe it or not, I am relocating to Saline County very soon and marrying a wonderful woman from Bryant. Yes, I'm finally settling down at age 40!

    Sorry to convey this as a comment in your blog, but I don't have your e-mail address and a stranger answered your old cell number that I had for you. Would definitely enjoy catching up with you soon!