Monday, August 26, 2013

Siri is NOT a Razorback Fan!

Ok, so I am working (well, supposed to be).  Periodically during football season, my friends and I will randomly text each other with “WPS” (short for “Woo, Pig! Sooiee!”), #NeverYield (our newest slogan; part of Arkansas, Fight!  “…Give a cheer, rah, rah, never fear, rah, rah, Arkansas will never yield!…”), or other such random fan items guaranteed to get the blood boiling.

So today, I took what I thought was a short work break to text my friends Marty and Kathy with “It’s Razorback Game Week” which I say periodically.

Kathy was driving and letting Siri do her texting wirelessly. 

Hilarity ensued:

Nick:  Hey Kathy
Kathy:  Hey back
Kathy:  I'm driving let's see what Siri does with this
Siri:  Where paying Selle
Nick:  In my experience Siri does not grasp the subtleties of the Hog Call
Kathy:  Let's try that again
Siri:  Where paying Selle
Nick:  We will use that forever now
Siri:  Where did celui
Siri:  Where can't get Siri
Siri:  Where did silly
Kathy:  Siri is not a razorback
Nick:  I prefer the first one
Kathy:  Whole hog Halfpenny I'm Arkansas by Daniel
Nick:  Now that's freaking hilarious
Kathy:  We need to teach Siri better
Nick:  Yes she is a dumb b****
Siri:  WTS
Nick:  Close!
Kathy:  She's getting better
Siri:  W a S
Nick:  Worse
Siri:  WPS
Nick:  AHA
Kathy:  Go hogs
Kathy:  Never yield
Siri:  Get that line hit that line keep on going Tahquette mall right down the field give a Cierra Roderrae never Fierro Arara Arkansas will never yield on your toes Razorbacks to the feeing is carry-on with all your mind florets IIA are KLAN SAS for Arkansas phi phi phi
Kathy:  Siri is cracking me up. 
Nick:  That is freaking hilarious
Kathy:  Just for grins you ought to ask Siri to sing the Ark. fight song

I tried, but my version of Siri says, “Nick, you know I can’t sing.”  No, Siri, I did not know that, but now I do, thanks for sharing.

So, I clicked in a text to Kathy, and I SANG Arkansas, Fight! to Siri.

Here’s what she wrote:

If Edline have that line keep on going pick up alright down the field give a cheer Bromall never fear when around Arkansas wheelman for yield on your toes Razorbacks to the fannish carry on with all your mind boys A-OK in SAS for Arkansas fight 55
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GO GOGS!!!!!!

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  1. Hey guys that is too funny. WPS!