Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Coincidences continue from the New England trip

As you can see from the previous blog entries, Dad and I enjoyed a vacation in New England a couple of weeks ago.

Yesterday, I got an email from an old friend; we were at Trinity together back in the day.  He now lives in Houston as well, and we never see each other, but that doesn’t diminish the friendship (it’s a shame we don’t make time).

Anyway, Jerry wrote me the other day:


     I stopped by  Malvie's Musings  today and was so excited to read about your trip!
Polly and I were in Maine at the same time!  Like you, we left on Saturday, Oct 2
and flew into Boston.  Our US Airways flight arrived about 4:15, so I guess you were
out of the airport by then.  We drove up to Boothbay Harbor, Maine and spent the week.
Tuesday we went to Wiscasset and ate at Sarah's Twin Schooner Pub that you have a
picture of.  Then we went on to Augusta to tour the capital.  You, apparently, were in
Rockland on Thursday.  We drove through Rockland that morning on our way to Bangor.
Polly had to see Stephen King's house!  Then we drove back through Rockland that afternoon.
I might have been one of those cars you were dodging as you crossed the street!
We drove back to Boston Saturday, Oct 9 for our flight home about 1:00.
     Both our great minds just knew it was a great time to go to that part of the country!
I just can't believe we were crossing each other's paths and didn't know it.....


Ok, so we live about 30 miles apart and we fly all the way across the country at the same time and are in the same place at the same time.

As we said back in the day, “That’s…bizarre!”

Jerry, let’s get together soon.

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