Monday, February 2, 2009

The bizzarre thing about Facebook

is that it doesn't neatly compartmentalize all your friends (it probably can, but where's the fun in being organized?).

So, I've stumbled into the idea that I could possibly contact some of my fraternity brothers (as Kathy did with her sorority sisters). WOW, I hit a motherlode of them today! We've been having a ball trading insults (it's the way of guys; ladies, don't even try to understand. It's like we don't understand baby showers and wedding showers---just don't get it.) all day. Many of them have beautiful families, while others are like me, just themselves.

It's funny though--even though we're all "older", I would have been able to identify every single one of them (and if I pledged under them, their hometown, major, girlfriend's name, etc., and probably what kind of car they drove in 1975 since I washed enough of 'em).

The funny thing is, when I'm going over my "friends", there are my Razorbacking friends, my Trinity Baptist Church/San Antonio friends, my non-Razorback-related Arkansas friends, and my current friends. All jumbled together.

It's kind of a collage of my life---different parts, all pasted together.


  1. Maybe I need to just "do the Facebook thing." I guess I never really saw the advantage.

  2. So now that you've done it, what do you think?