Saturday, February 21, 2009

All-in-all, not a horrible evening

I'm sitting here, one scotch down, one to go (I stop at far...); the good scotch, Dewar's---well, nice middle-of-the-road stuff, anyway---; door open to the night breeze, 63 degrees (perfect); dogs snoozing comfortably at my feet; listening to Wynton Marsalis blow at Lincoln Center, reading Jack Keroac's "On the Road", a book I've always promised myself I'd read but never have.

So, what do y'all think---should I chuck it all and just hit the road, conjuring thoughts for "the Great American Novel"?

All kidding aside, the thought has appeal...

(Don't be shy with your responses, it's a serious question).

(Aside: I got the book at the downtown Houston Library; beautiful, clean, spacious, airy, full of light, full of knowledge---for free. What a concept: they've got these books, and they loan them to you free. You read them and return them, no questions asked, no storage problems. I've been doing Barnes and Noble and Amazon so long I'd forgotten you don't actually have to BUY the books, you can just borrow them, read them, and return them. And I used to work at the library, 30 years ago...).

(Wynton Marsalis really is madly talented).

1 comment:

  1. If you really do have an idea for a great American novel, maybe now's the time to go for it.