Thursday, February 12, 2009


Now that my birthday's over, the next item up on the family calendar is Mother and Dad's anniversary. They eloped on Valentine's Day, 66 years ago Saturday. While that wasn't exactly planned, it's been easy for Dad to remember his anniversary every year, and it was easy for us kids to remember as well.

In years gone by, we had a "Birthaversary" party every year. Since Phil came into our family, it's a "Birtha-birthaversary" party, since he's NEXT up on the list, next week in fact.

One of the features, year in and year out, of Mother's and my relationship has been Annaclairs. I bought her the first box of them when I was about 3 (Dad assured me she loved them, so I splurged on the 2-piece box: one for her, one for me. She did, in fact, love them, so I just kept on giving her box after box, year after year (the boxes have increased in size).

Lately they've been hard to find in the stores, but lately we have the trusty INTERNETS.

Come to find that they are made by the Price Candy Co., formerly of Ft. Worth, TX but as of last year, of Mt. Pleasant, Texas (a nice little east Texas town to/through which I've been at least a million times).

Also, I learnt that Annaclairs got their name from the two ladies who worked in the back, who came up with the confection: Anna and Clair. Annaclairs.

So, now that I know where they are, I'm once again on the hunt for Annaclairs. I may be back to the two piece box at these prices and not knowing whether Mother will even be interested or not. But, we shall see.

Let the hunt begin! (After tomorrow, I could literally say, "Release the Hounds!" and it would be a true pack, but for today it's more "release the cell phone!")


  1. There used to be another candy company in some town along I-30 in east Texas, somewhere between Texarkana and Dallas. I can't recall the name, but I've stopped in their gift shop before. I seem to recall that pecan candy was their specialty.

  2. Maybe this is the one I'm think of. Mary of Puddin' Hill -

  3. Yeah, there were several candy companies in Texas; Pangburn's is another Texas-born candy company (it's owned by Russell Stover now, as are almost all the others).

  4. Years ago my aunt Mary who lived in Texas
    always brought a huge box of Annaclairs when
    she came to visit. I remember how chic the
    box looked. But the candy was absolutely
    delicious. Soon one of the specialty stores
    in my state began selling them. Eventually
    they disappeared. They were out of sight
    but not out of mind. An old school classmate
    found them in Mt. Pleasant, TX and sent a
    box to me. They were just as I remembered,
    still in the chic black box and still delicious

  5. Hi there! My Dad and I love Anaclairs and I have been searching for them forever!! I used to buy them downtown in one of the dept stores(I live in Pittsburgh, PA) but they no longer sell them. But....Sarris candy company makes a candy called Angels...and they are 'almost' like for now...we are settling our cravings with those...and I am trying to learn how to make them myself!!...