Sunday, December 7, 2008

Found it

I found my little plaque that says, "Keep looking up".

I lived in Malvern 15 years, and accumulated a LOT of crap. Mother and Dad lived in their house 35 years I have a lot of their stuff here too.

Time to get rid of more stuff. Yup. Needs to go.

In any event, the plaque is very sentimental. It hung on Granny Jones's kitchen wall for my whole life, and quite a bit before that.

My Dad was the baby of the family. He had two older sisters and an older brother. They were little kids, it was the Depression (the first one, we're in the second one), and they had NO cash.

They went to the dimestore and bought this little plaque for their mother for Christmas.

It hung in the same place till Dad rebuilt the kitchen in Malvern, then it came to me. I have cherished it ever since.

I thought I had lost it, was despairing, but I finally found it, hidden right where I hid it.

In any event, here it is, its message as timely now as it was when they gave it to her:

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