Sunday, July 7, 2013

Say Hellooo To My Little Friend (well, new friend anyway)



Getting rid of all this excess tonnage (40 lbs so far!) is priority #1 for me right now.  Diet will only take you so far; exercise must be added.

It’s too damn hot and I will not walk.  Too much impact while I still have this much lard.  Too hard on the knees and ankles, plus too much heat.

But I’ve always loved cycling—so yesterday I went to Austin and picked up this little beauty.  I went to –a local bike shop- and priced them; the entry level bike I priced (and for which I was fitted) started at $439 plus tax; this one is the upgrade and is closer to $500.  Maybe entry level for everybody else, but awfully rich for my blood!

Craigslist to the rescue.  Vastly less than half price.  Well cared-for.  Used—so what?  When I ride it out of the local bike shop it’s used….

So, I will be sitting less and riding more.  Rode today (I can already feel the muscles starting to burn, what few there are of them—and I didn’t go very far.  But, I can go further each time.  Terry Hershey Park is right down the street from my house and offers great trails—no cars.


This may be my last post.  I don’t think anybody reads them.  If you want me to continue, leave me a comment below just letting me know somebody saw this. 


  1. I read them... I just usually have nothing to say.. I do nothing but work and read.. but I will start making stuff up to comment if it keeps you writing. I enjoy your blogs and hearing about your life and whatnot... so keep writing

  2. Keep writing, Malvernius

  3. Hey buddy don't quit posting. I've been reading you for a couple of years and have enjoyed your musings. You may not remember me, but I bet your dad does.
    Jimmy Musselwhite