Sunday, July 14, 2013

Messing Around With the Camera and Photoshop


From my patio today:



This thing is blooming its head off for me.  I love the colour.




It’s just a crape myrtle.  Mine did this weird thing where the top branches from last year died (no idea…).  I was going to crop this, but decided I kind of liked the look.  What do you think?  Leave me some comments and let me know.

I was going to go out and drive around and take some city pics, but not sure I have the energy this week.  Plus, it’s cloudy—I love that clear blue sky with little white puffy clouds.  Maybe next week.

I should be shot for even thinking about it, but this new lens was really just an experiment to see if I would pick up a camera again.  I have.  There’s nothing wrong with the lens –it’s a very nice Tamron- but now I not only want a new lens, I want a new camera.  You’re only limited by your imagination and your budget.  In my case, it’s budget.  I could now get a D200, but that’s trading in one dinosaur for a slightly newer dinosaur.  The D300 (which has been far surpassed) is better, but still pricey—especially when you consider I want the Nikkor 18-200 lens with Vibration Reduction.  I played with one last week; it was –stellar- and I really, really want it.

Unfortunately, a nice USED set of equipment (I’ve decided, no more new cars,  no more new camera equipment, it’s stupid to pay full price when you can get nice used for 1/2 or less.  As an infamous tote-the-note car dealer from Rose City, Arkansas used to advertise:  “…Because EVERYBODY drives a used car!” 

Well, don't we all?

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