Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Seasonal thoughts and etc.

Here we are in the middle of all kinds of seasons.  College Football season is over (well, after this Saturday’s Championship games), Basketball season has started.   The Holiday Season started with Halloween and will end with New Year’s.  On October 1, it was almost 90 degrees in Houston; today it’s 51 degrees and pouring; we’re almost through the fall season and into the winter season (which will last roughly from Christmas to February….).  We’ll have a brief respite from football after the Bowl games, though the NFL playoffs will continue and the Supa Bow will be a few days before my 53rd birthday---which overlaps with the college baseball season…which overlaps with both the MLB season and the MLS season….

As far as the Hogs’ season, it was a good one, I think.  Plenty of disappointments, to be sure (the Georgia game, the Florida game, the Ole Miss game come to mind), but plenty of things about which to be optimistic.  If young Mallett can resist the siren call of the NFL (knowing that he’ll be holding a clipboard for 5 years), Arkansas ought to return a very good team next year.  The Cotton Bowl would be wise to snatch us this year, while they can.  I’d like to have another crack at LSU, but we’ll get our chance next year.


Thank GOD St. Tim of Tebow is at last graduating.  I’m sick unto death of his smarmy religionism, his celebrations that would land any other SEC player with unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, and his grandstanding.  I don’t like him.  Sorry, ‘murikuh, I just don’t care for your idol.


The Houston Dynamo acquitted themselves well, especially since they’ve not quite found the replacement for DeRosario.  Taking us on a thrilling ride to the semi-final game, they lost in OT to the Galaxy.  Dale dale dale dale Dynamo, son de Houston!

(Astros, I give up.  When y’all get serious about baseball, let me know.)

Razorback basketball is dead to me.  I hope they lose every game, and I will actively root against them for the remainder of the (mercifully short) season.  Pelphrey:  do the right thing, man:  leave (and take the thugs who are disgracing that cardinal and white uniform with you---or quit protecting them so they can go on to jail.).


Seasons indicate change.

Change is what it’s all about for me right now.  My company lost our contract; the new company says they will offer me a job.  My old company says they might have something –delicious- for me as well.  A choice?  How would that work, exactly???  I’d be glad to have any, but a choice would be sheer luxury.

I think maybe if you survive your 50’s, the 60’s should be O-K.  At least that’s what I hope.

Reconnected on Facebook with one of my old college roommates.  What a blast!  I always did love that jackass (he’s a great guy and I’m delighted to have his friendship back).  I guess now he’s morphed from “jackass” to “codger” or some such ;-)  We had a lot of fun, in our season as roommates, all those years ago….


Seasons sometimes cause us to sit back and reflect on where we’ve been and where we’re going.  I think back over where I’ve been, and say, “You know, even though it’s been bumpy in spots, it’s not been a bad ride.”  As for where I’m going….

Onward into the night, my friends….

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  1. Thank goodness for Facebook, or I might have missed this post. Very little time for blogging lately. If you read my brief post on the capture of one squirrel, you probably guessed as much.

    Hope you got the email I sent earlier tonight.

    What's with all the California stuff?

  2. So glad to see you posting again. I was afraid the outcome of the Ole Miss game had done you in.