Monday, October 26, 2009

Uh, waiter~~hold that order of Kool-Aid, please; I’ll take an Alka-Seltzer instead

You really just hate to see regression, but that’s what Arkansas Razorbacks fans observed Saturday.

It’s hard to single out any particular phase of the game as being more egregious than others---Ryan Mallett apparently determined that he needed to try to get the ball to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, several hundred miles south of Oxford, rather than to his receivers on the field.  Meanwhile, the receivers had their hands encased in concrete---or butter, take your pick.  The defense decided that, having taken the Florida game seriously, they’d just take the Ole Miss game off.  (Hey guys:  that McCluster fellow, you might want to consider blocking him.  You know he’s going to get the ball.  You know Houston Nutt has had propensities in the past to run the same back(s) over and over and over.  You couldn’t figure that out?

The most disappointing aspect of this weekend was this:  Bobby Petrino was outcoached by Houston Nutt.  Apparently, Bobby and his staff took a cue from the defense and mailed it in this week. 

Hey, Bob:  this is the SEC.  As Joe Kines once said, “they will slit your throat and drink your blood.”  You don’t GET a day off in the fall.  You make more in a month than I make in a year, so let’s not hear any whining.

This level of play will not be considered acceptable next year. 


I watched the Mississippi State/Florida game this weekend.  Once again, while State was finally put away, the officials “helped”.

Arkansas, South Carolina, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State (along with their fellow-traveler Vanderbilt, and maybe even Auburn) might as well give up their foolish ideas about becoming SEC champions.  That’s reserved for Florida, Alabama, LSU, sometimes Tennessee, sometimes Georgia.  The SEC is going to be sure of that.


  1. Like you, I definitely could have done without having to watch that debacle last weekend.

  2. Last weekend was painful for Tennessee fans but today we are loving the Vols!