Wednesday, May 6, 2009



UPDATE 9/22/09:

I am delighted to report that Bessie has gone to her forever home! A lovely lady from Oklahoma, with a stalwart husband, two fine sons ages 11 and 16, and a lovely college student daughter, fell in love with her from the pictures. After correspondence, I drove Bessie up to their beautiful ranch. It was love at first sight on both sides; Bessie was a bit shy but according to Lynn she has blossomed.

Rescue is a great thing. I recommend it to all.


This is the hardest part of dog rescue, when you have to put the baby you’ve rescued up for adoption. It’s time though.

Bessie was rescued from a very difficult situation in San Antonio, along with her sister, Bonnie. Bonnie has been adopted by a good friend of mine in Arkansas, and is living The Good Life there. Her new Dad dotes on her, walks her, loves on her, plays with her, etc. and she eats it up. It’s good for both of them.

Honestly, when I got them, Bessie was the one I figured DSC_0038 would go first. She’s outgoing, happy, friendly, just a typical energetic one-to-two year old Border Collie, with the drive, energy, and playfulness of that breed. She’s great at fetch and will play with you for hours (don’t pick up the squeaky tennis ball unless you’re ready for a workout!). She’s sweet and loving, too; crate-trained, house-trained, walks well on the leash. In fact, she’s a joy to take for a spin around the neighborhood.

She is heartworm-positive, but she is very mildly so and the vet told us to use the regular medication on her and she’d be fine. She’s certainly not lacking in the “energy” department, so we know we got it before it got serious.


Bessie would love to be in a home with an energetic young woman, man, or couple who would exercise her and play with her. Border Collies DO NOT do well in homes with small children; BC’s are sheep dogs by breeding and temperament. When they see small children, they view the children as something to be herded (Disorderly! Can’t have that!). The dogs can’t help it, they’re doing what they were bred to do.

If you think you could find room in your home for this bright girl, she’d wiggle her way into your heart in no time flat. She has ours. It will kill me to see her go, but go she must. I have two of my own!

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  1. Hope Bessie gets a good home soon.

  2. Hope Bessie gets a home soon -- I know what you mean about Border Collies and kids -- we have a corgi -- and he herds everything -- it's inbred -- they can't help it.