Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Shout Out…

…to all the friends and family who keep me from going batshit crazy.

If it weren’t for y’all, I think I really WOULD flip out and become “Crazy Dog Person” or something.

Kathy and Marty, GO HOGS!

Robert, you’ve been in for the long haul.  Thanks for putting up with me.

Keith, like my Grandfather, you truly fit the term “Christian Gentleman”.  Not many reach that status with me. (there are four, of which you’re one).

Thank you, Matt, for being so loving, considerate and kind.  Your smile really does light up every room you’re in.  Having  you here has been wonderful for me.

Nathan, I just couldn’t go on without you.  All those shared experiences, and all that is to come.

Nathan and Matt:  y’all pick me out a nice nursing home.  I want a beach view, so I can sit there in my caftan, big floppy hat, Jackie-O sunglasses, clogs, a cigarette and an enormous cocktail and look out at the passing crowd.  (Think Albert in The Birdcage).


Who knows, maybe I’ll find some old coot and get married off before then….my computer dating match-thingy keeps wanting to put me with 65 year old guys in Connecticut.  Quite a commute from Houston, especially when I put MY age as the “top limit”.  Come on, doesn’t some nice 45 year old want a nice older guy?



(See, entries like this are what happen AFTER I take my drugs but BEFORE I can fall asleep……

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