Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Family Stuff, and MUTANTS!

All my life, Mother collected her crystal, china, and silver patterns.  “A Southern Belle Primer” details southerners and their dedication to Crystal, China, and Silver patterns.  It’s just in our genes.

Mother’s crystal pattern was Fostoria American.  It wasn’t glamorous; it was classed as “everyday crystal” (that you have to wash by hand because you can’t put it in the dishwasher).  She had a ton of it.  We gave it to her for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. and she was always glad to get it.  As an adult, when I ived next door to them in Arkansas, I went shopping (at flea markets and antique stores) for the more esoteric pieces.  Long and short, she wound up with a LOT. 

Now it’s at my house.

One of the things I never got was the Old Fashioned glass.  It’s a bit small and strangely shaped for what it is.  Notwithstanding, it is NOT cheap.  I have other Old Fashioned’s (some crystal, some glass) that are bigger/nicer, so I had plenty already and wasn’t looking to add.

But—at an estate sale this last weekend, 2 doors down from me, there it sat.  One.  How they only had one…?  $1.  It’s here in my hand, with the ice slowly melting with the whiskey.  With my weight-loss program, any whiskey is too much, but ya know…gotta live a LITTLE bit.  So, I actually measure—and filled with ice, this is exactly 2 jiggers.  Cheers, Mom!


So, I’m sitting in my “little den” listening to my Magnificent Magnavox cranking out Henry Mancini loud enough to disturb the neighbors, sitting in a chair that’s been in my family since the 1920’s…(snif—the Maggie is going to the shop.  She’ll be fabulous when she gets back, though—full recap, revamp turntable, clean/repair.  I can rock the house now, what’s it going to be like when it’s fully restored?  Quick funny aside—I’m taking it to Dawson’s TV & Appliance here in Houston to be repaired.  The shop is a shambles; it used to be a beautiful store, gleaming (note to my friend Lisa Alston Lulick—it’s directly next to Dick-n-son’s Winking smile.  Mr. Dawson sold me the first television set that I bought as an adult, new, from a dealer.  I moved to Houston, was staying on a buddy’s couch—my apartment wasn’t ready yet and the movers weren’t there with my stuff—but by God I had a TV, a 19 inch RCA Colortrak “Tabletop” model that I used for decades; $500.  Mr. Dawson is long-dead (he was old then), but the guy my age who was apprenticing there is still there—and knows how to fix this old equipment.  Mr. Dawson was an authorized Magnavox dealer, so this kid learned how.  He’s an old man now too (like me).  I can’t wait.  I love my Magnavox collection.  When I die?  That would seem to be a Nathan problem). (I have a Custom Imperial for Nathan, and one each for David, Rachel, and Matt).


…while my dinner cooks.

I’ve done several of the family recipes over the years, usually with fairly decent success.  I’ve never assayed Mom’s meatloaf, though.  For one thing, she did it better than anybody else.  I can’t imagine that mine would even be edible compared with hers.

But, nothing ventured, nothing gained, so I got my sister to write down Mom’s recipe (I watched Mother; she didn’t have a recipe, she just knew what she was doing); my sister had stood behind her taking notes.  I wish either of us had done so for her chocolate pie….

So it’s in my Magnalite roaster right now. 

It calls for 1 egg, but I used more of everything, so I used 2 eggs.

I’m persnickety about eggs.  I like ‘em uber-fresh, and I buy only organic, antibiotic-free eggs from cage free, free roaming hens.  They’re $5 a dozen.  One of my little splurges. 

So I got the eggs at the store when I bought oats (OATS?  Mother always put them in—so I bought them.  Jeebus, the box will mold before I ever use that many, I hate oatmeal).  Went in to crack them and…


2 yolks PER EGG!!!!  Ok, maybe that’s common but **I’ve** never seen it!

(We’ll see how the meat loaf turns out.  Mom never had Whataburger spicy ketchup to put on it, either Winking smile). 

Cheers again, Mom!




A quick internet search says “they lucky!” so by golly, I’ll take all the luck I can get!

What do you think?

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