Saturday, April 13, 2013

Last Post About My Recent Trip: This Didn’t Happen! did it?

So my meeting in OKC finished early, and I thought I juuuuuust might have enough time to make the 1:00 departure (next flight 6:30).  Raced to the airport, turned in the rental car at straight-up noon (I checked my watch, because I was worried about making it.  Whew.  Enough time.)

So I turn in the car, walk “purposefully” into the airport—and there were no customers at the Southwest ticket counter (a break!).  The nice ticket agent changed my flight, checked my bag, and gave me my boarding pass; I’m “A-List” so I got an “A” boarding pass, and at that point I decided to pay the $15 extra dollars for “Business Select”, not for the cocktail (though that’s nice), but so I could be one of the first ones on the plane.

Got to Security, breezed in the “A” line to the front and was next.  Went through Security as fast as I’ve ever been (there was nobody there), and walked out on the other side.

Wait—plane was BOARDING (they were all lined up) at Gate 16!?  CRAP, I thought I was doing well.  So I hurried over to assume my “A-10” position.  Checked monitor.  Um, I was scheduled on the 1:00 departure to DALLAS, because I had to change planes again.  This said, “Houston”.  I asked the lady in line next to me if this flight was going to Houston?  “Yes, it’s about 30 minutes late.”

Hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained, so I went to the Gate Agent and asked, “Sir, is there ANY way for you to get me on this flight?” and showed him my “Business Select” boarding pass.  “Sure!” he said.  “Did you check a bag on the other flight?”  CRAP.  “Yes, sir, I did.”  “No problem, they’ll get it on this flight.”  -me:  really?- “Um, sir, the plane is right there and they’ve started boarding?”  “Really, she’s good, don’t worry about it, enjoy your flight” he said, as he gave me an “A-8” boarding pass.  I walk right in front of the rest of the departing passengers,, hand my “A” boarding pass to the boarding agent, and walked on the plane.  Everybody else finished and they shut the door and we were #1 for takeoff.

Bottom line, I turned in the rental car at 12:00.  I changed my flight, checked a bag, went through security, changed my flight AGAIN, and boarded.  From wheels-in at the rental car to wheels up on the runway:  30 minutes.  30MINUTES.

When I got to Houston, I deplaned, went to the bathroom (no pants-down guys this time) and headed for baggage claim.  As I walked up, the conveyor starts and guess what’s the first thing on it? 

This guy:

my bag

Bottom line:  I was home (at my house) by 2:30 pm. 

That didn’t happen!  did it?

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