Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Open Apology…

…to the lady in the booth at the “Insta-Park” lane at Hobby Airport on May 16 at about 8:30pm---

Ma’am, I am the jerk who could not get his card to work in the machine; when you said, “It doesn’t register that you used it to come in”, I’m afraid I was rather—less than nice—to you, stating that, “I NEVER get a ticket, I ALWAYS use the Insta-Park device” (or words to that effect).

Well, today I was doing my expense account, and yes, right there amongst my receipts—was the ticket I told you I did not have.  Apparently the Insta-Park did not work and I pushed the button for the ticket.  I have no memory of this, but I go so often for business, and always do the same thing, so an aberration is not expected.

Additionally, in cases where I do have a parking ticket, I ALWAYS put those tickets on the visor, so they’ll be right there when I get ready to use them to exit.  For reasons known only to the Gods of Forgetfulness, THIS time I must’ve put it in my billfold instead of on the visor.

My sincere apologies for my behaviour.




(Note to self:  BE NICE!  Even when you think you’re right and they’re wrong!)



Hobby as I see it now^

Houston International Airport

Houston International Airport, as it was the first time I ever saw it^

(Those trees are gone, that’s all concrete now, and the parking deck completely hides the old terminal building, but there are other trees planted at the same time that are HUGE now)


I love what the architects did with Hobby; instead of demolishing the grand old 1954 terminal, with its great front façade and wild recessed amoeba lighting in the ceiling, not to mention the great old terrazzo floors, they incorporated the original terminal building into basically a new terminal—with the original serving as the entry hall…

Hobby 1960


Hobby interior


Two things:  look at the 1954 picture.  See the round restaurant/observation lounge?  Now look at the 2012 picture.  See the same structure on the right?

I love the way they left the red neon, “William P. Hobby …… Airport” intact too.

It used to say Houston… I N T E R N A T I O N A L …Airport, with the “International” spelled in cursive letters around the round part; I remember that from when I was little, flying here on my first flight on a “Super Connie” (a Lockheed Super Constellation).

Ah, here’s a picture!  Complete with Super Connie!

Houston with Super Connie


Hobby is easily my favourite airport; E-Z in, E-Z out.  Except when you goof on your Inst-Park ticket.


I freely admit I swiped all these pictures from the innerwebs.  If one of them is yours and you want it removed, all you need do is email me and I will immediately do so.

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