Saturday, April 14, 2012

I Don’t Care if Y’all Are Tired of My Pictures ;-)

…this is more for me than anyone…but if anyone else likes them, great!






Yeah, I know, the rose is kind of “past its prime” but it’s the first one I’ve gotten off this bush!

Bessie speaks

Lucy Speaks



Where was Ethel when these were taken?  I’d like to say that, being the well-behaved girl she is, she was not in the kitchen begging for a handout with the others.  In actuality, she was in the dining room scarfing up their dog food….

Yes, I feed my dogs in the dining room.  It’s open to the living room and directly behind my chair.  No human is going to be eating any meals in there any time soon, I eat in front of the TeeVee like everybody else in the western world….

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