Sunday, January 29, 2012

Paying It Forward

I spent the day yesterday in Beaumont; Dad and Jean had some minor banking issues to resolve, and we spent some time working on their office (trying to merge two very full offices and a sewing/alterations room into one 10x10 bedroom is an interesting endeavor).  Jean’s very good friends were called in to help as well, and what was supposed to be a “3 hour tour” turned in to all day…

I left for Houston at 4:45, made it home and still had all the usual Saturday chores to do.  My usual routine (on non-haircut, non-pick-up-cleaning Saturdays) is:  Shell for gas, Specs for booze, Petsmart for dog food, H-E-B for people food, and home.  If essential, throw in a trip to Costco or New image Barber Shop or Dandy Cleaners. (I am a dull guy).

After I left Beaumont, Dad and Jean decided they were hungry and, still being “dressed up”, went to Chili’s (Beaumont not exactly being a hotbed of haute cuisine). 

They were seated and given menus and placed their orders.  As you always are, they were vaguely aware of people coming and going around them.

When it was time for the check, the waitress asked, “Did you notice the young couple at the table behind you?”  “No, not really?”  “Well, they picked up your check, so there will be no check.  Have a nice evening!”

Dad and Jean were dumbfounded; no one had ever done that for them before.

They were not aware of the phrase “paying it forward”, but since Dad had a $20 bill in his pocket, and since the waitress had mentioned that she was a student working her way through Lamar University---she received a $20 tip—at Chili’s.

Nice evening all around.


To the nice young Beaumont couple who paid for my father and step-mother’s dinner at Chili’s last night:  I’ll find someone and “Pay it forward”. 

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  1. Love this. Isn't it fun. I had someone pay for my coffee at Starbucks once, and I've since done it for others on a couple of occasions.