Monday, January 11, 2010



There was ONE survivor (besides the people) from the Greycliff fire!

The Original Giovanni remains on its wall, where it always was!  Charred, needs refinishing, shades and bulbs gone, but the Giovanni remains.

The living room walls (made of rock) collapsed with the heat, as did several of the rock columns.  There are no other contents remaining, and as of this writing (1/11/10) the fire is still burning.  The tarpaper roof (while now on the floor) is still on fire, and will be for several days, even weeks.  Nothing else remains. 

I told them they’d need to name the new house the Greycliff Phoenix, rising from the ashes.  She’s going to build it back on the same plan, with some modifications---and across the road, rather than on the old site.  When the new house is finished, the Giovanni will take its place as a reminder of the past, in the new house that looks to the future.


  1. Good for her. I trust she will go with the second version of the roofline this go 'round.

  2. She's a wonderful lady, and I'm sure she'll get it rebuilt even better this time around!

    Barbara Fink Leonard