Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How ‘bout them Cowboys!

I had the pleasure of touring the new stadium last weekend, with a couple of friends.  It is GREAT, so much better than Texas Stadium (good riddance).  They were getting it ready for the upcoming Paul McCartney concert, so no turf and they were working on it.  It smells like new paint and carpet inside  :-)

The size is just amazing.  It’s the biggest indoor stadium in the world, and it looks the part.  Frankly, you can also see where all the money went to build it.  (Often, you look at something and say, “well, it doesn’t look like all that”; well, trust me, this does look like “all that”).

You may love Jerry or hate him, but he is a marketing genius (what could he and Sam Walton accomplished if you had paired them?  Total world domination?).  This place is a terrific venue for all kinds of functions.  It’ll host every major event in the Metroplex for the next 20 years. 

And, it just oozes Cowboys tradition from every corner.  I LOVE IT.

Frankly, I was dazzled. 

All photos Copyright Nick Jones 2009; any use without prior written authorization by the owner strictly prohibited.

A few snaps (clicking on the photo shows it full-size):

^ Plan is for this to be a video board



^ The support struts are just massive, unbelievable. 


^Concourse, main floor

DSC_0285 Stitch (2)

^ I love stitched photos; this is the whole thing.  It's just huge.  Tour Guide told us you could stand Lady Liberty on the field, and the top of her crown would still fit inside with the roof closed.  (Click this one for full effect)

^ Note to self:  do not apply for this job.

^ Lots o' tiers o' seating.  The glass walls of the skyboxes can be open or closed, depending on the wishes of the skybox owner.


DSC_0341 Stitch
^ I stitched these three photos together and left it in a weird shape so you could see the whole effect; one of the private lounges.

^ You can take the boy out of Arkansas, but you can't take the Arkansas out of the boy.  Note the next-door neighbor (from windows of same lounge).

^ Looking down into another of the lounges

^ View of the field from the home-team broadcast booth (where Brad and Babe will sit)

^ The Cotton Bowl offices have moved out to the new stadium.  Leading up to them are the greatest plays in Cotton Bowl History, etched in granite outside, then on the glass at the main doors.  Ahem.  Read the inscription.


^ In the Cotton Bowl offices

^ Ouch. Gotta pay for it somehow.

^ The Ballpark, with a game going; skyline of Dallas barely visible on right.  (click on the photo for detail)

DSC_0379 Stitch (2)
^ Huge movable glass doors facing east (click on the photo for detail)


^ See the little triangle-shaped glass box under the rim of the third level?  The Jones Family private box.  This is as opposed to Jerry's box, wherein he will entertain (it's right above; there's a private elevator).  This is for Jerry and his personal family to watch the game.  The tour guide said that he didn't know if there was a direct link between this box and Wade Phillips' headset.


^ Cowboys locker room entrance

DSC_0405 copy 2

^ Me in front of my future locker, when the Cowboys finally come to their senses and hire me as star wideout.  Ok, ok, I realize it’d be a more believable fantasy at O-line.

DSC_0407 copy

^ Inside the Cowboys locker room

^ Entrance to the Field-Level Club

^ View from Field Level Club

DSC_0414 Stitch (2)
^ Field Level Club


Original Dallas Cowboys Fight Song, intro to the Tom Landry Show  (click the link on this fan website)

Dallas Cowboys STAMPEDE!

Go! Go! Dallas! Cowboys!
Dallas Cowboys stampede down the field,
See the defense reel and watch 'em fall.
Blockers out in front to clear the way,
Show 'em how to win 'em all.
Loyal Cowboy fans stand up and cheer,
Let the whole world hear our bugles blow.
Stand Up! Stampede!
Go you Dallas Cowboys, Go!
Go! Go!
Go Go Go - Cowboys!
It's the gold team of the senior pros,
Let the whole world hear our bugles blow.
Stand Up! Stampede!
Go you Dallas Cowboys, Go!


  1. That's really impressive. Hint: In Windows Live Writer (I assume that's what you are using), you can make your pictures larger by grabbing the corner and dragging. My old eyes like big pictures.

  2. I see that you were appropriately attired for the tour. 8-) I'm looking forward to seeing it on October 03.

  3. Thank you. Pictures are much better now.