Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Bonnie (the young lady with the white face below) has gone to her "forever" home! She has a great new Daddy, an old friend of mine. He's kind and gentle and loving---just what Bonnie said she wanted!

Bonnie will be learning to Call the Hogs, as my friend is the same composition as me---a native Texan exterior with an Arkie center; as rabid a Razorback fan as you'll find. Bon-bon now lives in Bentonville, Arkansas (and yes, her Dad works there...). Her new Dad reports that she made the trip fine, and when they got to Bentonville, he showed her around his apartment and she determined that it was acceptable. He then took her walking on the leash and she did fine; she has followed him around and been very affectionate.

This is the thrill and joy of rescuing dogs. This beautiful girl was on the street, and now she's in a loving home where she is the "Queen". It's very gratifying.

Thanks, Rich.

Now, all we need to do is find a loving home for Bessie. I'll do another post on all my sites featuring only Bessie. She's a beautiful girl, too, and dying for love and companionship.


  1. That is just wonderful. I'm sure she'll love Bentonville. Did I tell you that I now have a grand dog? Ben and Claire have gotten a golden doodle named Jeff.